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Fill Staff HR Letter of Recommendation from New Client in PA on 01-09-2015

Recruiting Testimonial from Global Mining Client on 01-09-2015

From: ba [mailto:Global Mining Company]

Sent: Friday, January 09, 2015 2:44 PM

To: Bill Williams at Fill Staff Recruiting

Subject: Additional Work Order if you're interested. 

Bill, I wanted to thank you for your efforts thus far and the level of attention you’ve given my Technical Specialist role. I have really appreciated your help.

As I mentioned, I will have additional engineering roles opening up next week. Ramping up to that, I wanted to present you with another work order if you’re interested.

Attached, you will find my half of the executed work order. Please sign and send back to me if you’d like to work on this position also. I’ve also attached the job description. We would like for this position to be an Engineer 3, grade 11 with a $$$% bonus. The salary range is $$$$$$k.

You’ve done great taking our job descriptions and running with them but, of course, please feel free to present any questions to me as necessary. I hope you’re interested! ?

Thanks again, A 


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