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on-site Interview Prep

IMPORTANT INTERVIEW TIPS         Such as Reason for Job change

We all know that if we were happy on our current job, we would not be looking for work, so the trick is to state a valid reason to justify your leaving without saying anything at all bad about your current or previous employers.
More Reference info on this subject

Help Sell Yourself by Listing Three Major Accomplishments you are most proud of on your Resume or in a Cover Letter.

List your Short and Long Term Career Goals.

WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEO "Why Should We Hire You?" How to Answer this Interview Question.

Telephone Interview Prep

Use MS Word .DOC,  .DOCX , .RTF,  .WPS (Not PDF) For Your Resume. 

PDF is ok for non-resume items such as Cover Letters, Project List, References, etc..

MS Word Pad comes free with Windows.     Also OPEN OFFICE is FREE!

resume tips

List of United States cities by crime rate (2014)                                                                           JUST DO IT!

what are you worth?


Very Important #1 Tip

Collect Letters of Recommendations like baseball cards ! VIEW SAMPLE

‚ÄčVIEW SAMPLE Letter - Thank You Letter Following an Interview.

Build resume from scratch - not a template builder.   

Do not use any special characters in the Name/Address info area such as *asterisk,  ! dividers or Bullets. 

Do not use the Header/Footer area of a word document.  

As a general rule, Never Take Your Spouse To Your Job Interview!  Read more..

Dress For Success!  You Only Get One Chance To Make A Great First Impression.

Return your Recruiter's Calls, Email and Text Messages promptly! Thank you. That is also one way we measure your interest level.

Ask your Recruiter the best way to contact him/her. Normally; Email, Text etc..  Generally, if you have not heard from your recruiter, they have no new progress to report, but ask if daily, weekly or monthly email follow-up's would be ok.